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Grow up, find a partner, have kids — we’ve been doing it for thousands of years. But more and more women are choosing to ignore that path. And the latest research says they’re actually happier for it. So why do we judge women without kids?


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If you are a woman of a certain age, there is no question that the issue of children will come up.

If you have one, you may be asked when the next one if coming along. If you don’t have any, you may well be asked when you will.

But what if you have chosen not to have children- how do people see you then?

That is a question that journalist Tory Shepherd has explored in a new essay called “On Freedom”. She is joined by psychotherapist Dr Zoe Krupka, who is also a guest on ABC podcast Ladies We Need to Talk.



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d8678d2b3c65270e38531cec24739141Selfish, damaged, cold-hearted, shallow, overeducated and greedy. Women who choose not to have children are often labelled in these ways by everyone from the Pope to their co-workers.

Australian women experience marked social exclusion if they choose to remain childless – and it’s the choice part of the equation that leads to their deviant status. While all childless women experience some exclusion, women who have rejected the traditional ideal of motherhood are at the greatest risk of social disconnection. It is the very act of making a conscious and public choice to reject the role of mother that is overtly or tacitly criticised.


you can read the rest of this article here at the conversation.


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I spoke to Cassie McCullagh at Life Matters today about the social exclusion and disapproval many women experience when they make a choice to remain child free.

If you’d like to listen, the podcast is right here

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