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HAVE you noticed how narcissism is the topic du jour? We just can’t stop talking about it. Like kale, it’s taken over all the self-help menus.

If you’ve been reading some of the pieces about malignant self love that have sprung up everywhere and feeling a little cringey because some of this stuff is a bit familiar, please take heart.

Or if someone dear to you has been gently trying to point out that it sometimes feels like it’s all about you, don’t panic. If you do suffer from narcissism, it’s not because you chose to. Whether you’re a little narcissistic, or you’re suffering a full-blown case of self-absorption, the seeds were sown a very long time ago.

The signs can be hard to recognise in yourself, but there are a few key things that in combination are particular to narcissism. Do these three things ring a bell for you?

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