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HAVE you seen the news from Canada lately? It’s all good.

Canadians are currently basking in the glow of the world’s handsomest prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who has just appointed a cabinet we can only dream of.

Here in Australia, our government is made up of a great deal of lawyers.

In Canada, the new minister for transport is an astronaut!

The minister for defence is a Sikh veteran.

The ministers for justice, fisheries, oceans and the coastguard are all indigenous.

Bloody unbelievable.

Imagine, the folks in charge of protecting the land and its people are the original owners. Can you handle it? There’s more. The minister for sport and disabilities is a visually impaired Paralympian. Logic and experience? Please make the acquaintance of politics.

There are also new portfolios in the Canadian government including climate change and refugees.

And the thread of unheard of wonderfulness that runs throughout this raft of excellent progressive changes is that half of the Canadian ministers are women. Half. My stars!

And when Trudeau was asked why 50 per cent women? He answered: “because it’s 2015”. Brilliant.

So despite the fact that I’ve lived here for twenty-five years and not once renewed my Canadian passport, people have started to ask the obvious question. Do I want to go back? Surely I must miss my native land more than ever now. But despite these long dreamt of and fought for changes in my original home and the many, many other wonderful things about the great white north, I am not thinking about going back for a minute. Not one.


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